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Monthly Awareness Sessions

ISGSA hopes to fill the gap by running a monthly 2 ½ hour education session to companies within South Africa. In these sessions they will provide a forum to discuss the newest, most relevant threats facing SA companies. The proposed agenda includes:

Summary of Monthly threats (30 minutes)
Overview of latest threats uncovered, potential danger to your company & what actions are required to protect your company. This will be in a summary format with links to sites offering more detailed information.
Points of Interest (30 minutes)
A specialist member will present on a topic of interest. These could range from Wireless security to Governance issues or whatever the Group has shown interest in.
Product Pitch X 1 (15 minutes)
Once again, at the request of the Group, Security Vendors will be brought in to present a solution to a particular security threat. The presentation will be held according to a set format laid out by ISGSA and more focused on presenting a solution than talking about the Company / Product. (PS – Vendors will sponsor the drinks / snacks for the event for the privilege of addressing the Group)
Hacking / Vulnerability Demonstration X 1 (or 2) (25 minutes)
Various high-level security companies will be brought in to actually demonstrate how a system can be compromised.
Training & Accreditation (5 minutes)
What IT Security training & accreditation is available within SA?
(We are negotiating discounts from Training institutes for ISGSA members)
"Gloves-off" Round table discussion session (30 minutes)
Here we open the floor to discuss a topic and get to hear the opinions & experiences of our local IT Security professionals. Some suggested topics include:

- Where are SA companies most vulnerable?
- What security measures have proved invaluable & what have proved to be a waste of time & money?
- What open source security solutions would you recommend & how do they compare against commercial vendors?
A hacking simulation game will be made available to a limited number of members to create awareness. The CD will also contain loads of useful IT Security information & tools.

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